Sunday, December 28, 2014

Using Tweetdeck for Chats

The Teach Like a Pirate book study chat is about to set sail! To help everyone get ready to chat, here are some helpful organizational tips.

If you have never participated in a chat, start at my intro to chats blog post here

Organizing Twitter using an Application
I personally use Tweetdeck to organize my Twitter account. What is Tweetdeck? It is a social media dashboard application for management of Twitter accounts. Tweetdeck interfaces with your Twitter account to allow you to send and receive tweets and view profiles. My favorite thing about Tweetdeck is that it organizes my Twitter account to help make it easy to see Tweets from specific people and follow specific hashtags.

Getting Started with Tweetdeck
This introductory video by @ashleyhurley does a fabulous job of giving an overview of how to use Tweetdeck for those visual learners reading this post. It is about 10 minutes long, and very detailed and easy to follow.
(the hashtag to follow for the book study is #bfctlap)

For the hands on learners that would rather read step-by-step directions, here is a short overview of getting started.
1. Go to
2. Go to + Add Column on the left hand side of the screen
3. Go to the SEARCH icon
4. Type #bfctlap, click add column (this is the hashtag we will use for the book study)
5. Go to + Add Column on the left hand side of the screen
6. Click on notification, click add column (this will help you keep up with your personal notifications)
7. Go to + Add Column on the left side of the screen
8. Add any other hashtag (#) you would like to follow. I would suggest #tlap and #bfc530
9. You can also follow the handle of a specific person if you want to follow their tweets. (example @BethHouf if you want to see all of the things I specifically tweet)

Moving Columns
You can manage each column by clicking on the two horizontal lines on the right side of the column. This allows you to customize the column and move it as needed (with the < > icons). You can also delete the column.

Composing a Tweet
To compose a tweet, simply click on the "New Tweet" icon on the left side of the screen. Type your tweet and you are ready to go! Don't forget to add the hashtag if you are chatting.

Chat Time!
To actually participate in the chat, just login to Tweetdeck and follow the column you created. I always put my notification column next to the chat I'm following in case someone responds to something I say. This is just one more time-saving tool for busy educators.

Happy Chatting!

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