Saturday, January 24, 2015

Online Read Alouds
Live Streaming Using Google Hangouts and YouTube
by Jay Billy (@jaybilly2) and Beth Houf (@BethHouf)

In order to begin this process, you must have a Google+ account and your own YouTube channel. It is also useful to have a moveable camera, such as IPEVO.

If you do not have a Google+ account here is a quick YouTube video that explains how. It is very easy:

Getting Set up through Google +

  1. Go to HOME
  2. Select PAGES
  3. Select GET YOUR PAGE
  4. Select BRAND
  5. Create Your Page by completing the sign in form
  6. Click on CREATE PAGE
  7. You now have a Read Aloud Page! You automatically have a YouTube channel linked to this page.

Doing the Read Aloud

Once you have established your YouTube channel, you can now do live streaming of anything you want to show. This is how:

  • Go to YouTube
  • Click on My Channel (Left Side)
  • Click on Video Manager  (Top Center)
  • Click on Live Events (Left side)
  • Click on New Live Event (Top right side)

Once you get to this page, there is a quite a lot to look at:
  • Give it a Title
  • Description
  • Public or Private (For Read Alouds you will want it to be public and open)
  • Time - You can do it for right now or pick a time in the future
If you pick now, you are ready and click on Go Live Now (upper right hand corner)

You probably won’t do this unless you have an open page that people are all subscribed to.  
If you pick a time in the future, then you can click on Create Event in the upper right hand corner.

Once you click on Create Event , the event is created and you are ready. If you click on the event that you created for the future you will get the YouTube URL and it will show a countdown until the event. You can now send out the URL to those that are joining you. If anyone clicks on it early they will get the countdown until you activate the site.

A couple of minutes before starting the Read Aloud, go to your Events and click on Start Hangout On Air.

You should then see yourself on the Hangout.  At the bottom of the page you will see Start Broadcast.  Click on that when you are ready to begin. It will take about 10 seconds and then you are in.

You should see a Live button in the top right hand corner which means everything you do is being streamed live and saved for ever in YouTube format. You end the broadcast by clicking on the button at the bottom of the screen that says End Broadcast.

There you have it. You can now schedule and live stream any type of Read Aloud or announcement that you would like.  

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